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Orgasmic Meditation

Autumn is upon us, and with everyone withdrawing indoors to hibernate from the weather, our bodies can become tense and sex drives start to dwindle.

But fear no longer, One Taste London has introduced the latest way to attune to your own body and your partner’s: Orgasmic Meditation.

Shortened to OM so it resembles the yogi mantra and Sanskrit sound, the practice encourages greater connection, boasts a host of health benefits and promises deeper fulfilment from sex.

The practice focuses primarily on the female orgasm, with the partner lightly stroking the upper left hand quadrant of the clitoris for fifteen minutes. Marc Quinn, co-director of One Taste London says, “We call it a goal-less practise, as there’s no intention other than to feel the sensations that arise in your body during this process. This is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body with the highest concentration of nerve endings, and the strangest thing happens; you start to feel your partner – and be felt in a way like never before.”

Published in issue one of Balance Paper.

To find out more go to www.turnonbritain.co.ukIMG_0924


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